Long Room Interior, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Indefinite Theta Functions and Applications in Physics & Geometry

Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin

Dates: June 6-9, 2017


Kathrin Bringmann (University of Cologne)

Kazuhiro Hikami (Kyushu University)

Stephen Kudla (University of Toronto)

Boris Pioline (CERN/Paris 6)

Sander Zwegers (University of Cologne)


Jan Manschot (HMI/TCD)

Larry Rolen (HMI/TCD)

Description of the workshop:

Modular forms have been of major significance in various subjects, such as number theory, algebraic geometry and theoretical physics. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers on modular forms and their applications. The workshop will pay specific attention to indefinite theta functions, which play a key role in the modern understanding of Ramanujanís mock theta functions, as well as in conformal field theory, BPS state counting and wall-crossing of moduli invariants. The workshop will include lectures by five leading international experts, who will each deliver two talks. We hope that the lecture program will be of particular interest to young researchers in the field, including Phd students and postdocs.

Preliminary Schedule:


Zwegers:(Indefinite) Theta Functions: an introduction

Zwegers: Explicit construction of theta functions for quadratic forms of general signature


Pioline: TBA

Bringmann: TBA

Kudla: Integrals of theta forms I


Pioline: TBA

Bringmann: TBA

Hikami: Quantum modular forms I: Introduction to quantum invariants of knots and 3-manifolds


Hikami: Quantum modular forms II: Asymptotics of quantum invariants

Kudla: Integrals of theta forms II

Supported by HMI, SFI, Simons Foundation, TCD Maths


Registration is free of charge but mandatory. Please email theta@maths.tcd.ie to register by May 29th. The application deadline for funding has passed.

Participants are listed here

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The lectures will take place in the Maxwell Lecture Theatre.

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