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NRK Tekst-TV


ABC News
The Australian
Financial Review
Sydney Morning Herald
The Age, Melbourne, Australia


The Guardian / The Observer
BBC News (text-only)
BBC News
Financial Times
The PA NewsCentre
Electronic Telegraph
Times Newspapers
The Scotsman
Electronic Herald

TV and radio

ABC Online
ABC Radio
BBC World Service
Norsk rikskringkasting
Alltid Nyheter
NRK Utenlandssendingen


Yahoo! - News
The Ultimate Collection of News Links
Nyheter verden rundt


Sun SITE Northern Europe


Linux Mama -- [t.o]
Linux Weekly News
The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage


The Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.1/27)
Scene Zone
The Debian Linux User's Guide
Linux Security Home Page.
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page


Debian GNU/Linux -- Errata for Debian 2.0 on x86 machines
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System

About Debian

Debian GNU/Linux -- A Social Contract
Debian Free Software Guidelines(DFSG)
Debian GNU/Linux -- Donations to Software in the Public Interest
Debian GNU/Linux -- Goes International
Debian GNU/Linux -- Related Links

Debian GNU/Linux -- Latest News


Debian GNU/Linux -- Packages
Debian GNU/Linux -- The FTP server network
Debian GNU/Linux -- CD Manufacturers
Installing Debian Linux 2.0 For x86
Debian GNU/Linux -- Ports


Debian GNU/Linux - User Documentation
Debian GNU/Linux -- Security Information
Debian bug tracking system
Debian GNU/Linux: Mailing List Archives
Debian GNU/Linux -- Mailing List Subscription

Developer's Corner

Work Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux
The New-Maintainer's Debian Packaging Howto

Debian GNU/Linux Query
The Open Hardware Certification Program
The X Strike Force
Debian GNU/Linux -- Getting in Contact with Us



comp.std.c++ faq
ISO/IEC - C++ standard
GCC Home Page
DDD - The Data Display Debugger
FFTW Home Page
Cisco IOS for S/390 RPC/XDR Programmer's Reference
The XDR layer.


Fortran Information
Linux VAST/f90 Fortran 90 Compiler
DEC Fortran Manual Browse by Product Sun WorkShop Compilers FORTRAN 77 5.0, Fortran 90 2.0 Collection
The G95 project


SED FAQ - Frequently asked questions or "He Sed | She Sed"
sed, the stream editor
Lesstif (GNU Motif)

Numerical Recipes Home Page
LAM / MPI: MPI General Information


Comprehensive TeX Archive
Comprehensive TeX Archive (UK)

Mail related

PGP (international)
qmail: a replacement for sendmail


Grace Home
Grace FAQ (for Grace-5.1.4)


AbiWord: Download

Physics (UK mirror)
SPIRES (DESY mirror)
SPIRES HEP Database - Searching e-Print archive mirror (main server)

Chempot collaboration

Index of /~montvay/Chemical
Phase Transitions in Hot Matter TMR Network
Hot Non-Perturbative Particle Physics: A Nordic Project


Trento Conf 2003
Lattice 2003
Quark matter 2002
Strong and Electroweak Matter 2002
Lattice 2002
2002 Quark Confinement Conference
ICHEP 2002
Finite Density QCD at Nara
Quark Matter 2004
Quantum Fields In and Out of Equilibrium


Particle Data Group (Durham)
Particle Data Group
Table of the Nuclides (BNL)
The Gauge Connection
High Redshift Supernova Search
The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center - Gateway to the universe of x-ray astronomy!
CKM Lattice Working Group


Ledige stillinger ved UiB
Ledige stillinger ved NTNU
Ledige stillinger ved UiO
UK Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill
HEP Employment Opportunities - Individual Listings
Other Job Sites for Physicists (CERN)
Physics Jobs (IOP)
TIPTOP: Physics Jobs On-Line
PPARC Fellowships
Norges forskningsråd - Elsøk

Journals and preprints

Submission and status inquiry

E-Print Uploads
Manuscript Submission for APS Research Journals
ASIS, Status Query Form

Nuclear Physics B
Physics Letters B
PRD Home Page
European Physical Journal C
Journal of Physics G
Elsevier Science - Physics & Astronomy Portal
New Journal of Physics
New Journal of Physics

Institutions, collaborations, societies

Hovedside, fysikk, NTNU
Fysisk institutt (UiB)
Fysisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo
UKQCD Collaboration
Norsk Fysisk Selskap
Other Particle Physics Information
EU IHP Network: Hadron Phenomenology from lattice QCD Home Page
ECT* Trento
Norges forskningsråd: Hovedside

Computing resources

John von Neumann Institute for Computing, Home Page English
APE Parallel Computing
Description of New Tao Syntax
Beowulf cluster at SARA
User's Guide to the National Computing Facility for Lattice Gauge Theory

Various Physics Servers (arXiv)
CEA/SPhT : Citation Analysis within SPIRES HEP Database


CricInfo - The Home of Cricket On The Internet
CricInfo -- World Cricket : The Complete Cricket Guide on the Net.
HowzStat! International Cricket Database
PwC Cricket Ratings
CricInfo - US mirror
Cricket Unlimited | Homepage
Yahoo - Cricket
ECC Rep. Festival: Where to now for Norway?
This page is about Cricket & the Newsgroup rec
Women's Cricket : Home Page
Cricket Online - CRICKET, Cricket Scores, Cricket News, Cricket Articles, Cricket Match, Live Cricket, Cricket Ratings, ICC Championship Table, Cricket Games, Cricket Bat, Cricket Stories, Test Cricket, One Day Cricket, Ashes Cricket, Coca Cola Cup Cricket, World Cup Cricket 2003


The WWW Virtual Library


Deutsche Bahn timetable
UK rail timetables
Rail Europe: Fares and Schedules
Internet Ferry Guide - International Ferry Operators' Listing
DFDS Seaways - a better way of travelling
Imperial Hotels London -Accommodation, Hotel, Hotels, Budget Accommodation, Budget Hotels, Conference Facilities, Banqueting Facilities, Tourist Attractions, Hotels London, Cheap Accommodation London, B & B London
Color Home
De NS Reisplanner voor vertrek- en aankomsttijden van treinen in heel Nederland en internationale Europese bestemmingen
9292OV reisinformatie reisadviezen openbaar vervoer dienstregeling reisplanner bus trein tram metro
Stena Line - Stena Line


Søk i elektroniske ordbøker
Ordbok for norske dialekter
Norsk språkråd
QuickDic Online
English - Afrikaans On-line Dictionary
Dutch-Norwegian On-line Dictionary
English-Dutch On-line Dictionary
Phrases, sayings and cliches, with their meanings and origins.
Index: phonetic alphabets, wordlists, texts

Phone directories

Australian Yellow Pages
Australian White Pages

Regional info
soc.culture.nordic FAQ
Soc Culture Nordic (Kari's page)


Guide to Australia
South Australia Central

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
General Information - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

University front pages

The University of Adelaide
Universitetet i Trondheim
Homepage UvA

Yahoo! Finance - Currency Conversion
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)

Cycling and transport

Bicycle Institute of South Australia
Homepage Fietsersbond enfb


Australian Cycling Links
Bicycle SA
Pedal Power ACT
Bicycle New South Wales
Bicycle Institute of Queensland
Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Bicycle Victoria
Bicycle Tasmania
Bicycle Industry Australia
Cyclists Rights Action Group (CRAG)
Mandatory bicycle helmet legislation in Western Australia
Australian Cycling Federation
ACT Sustainable Transport Working Group
Pedestrian Council of Australia

Critical Mass

Worldwide Critical Mass Hub
Critical Mass Australia
Critical Mass in Adelaide
Critical Mass Sydney
Critical Mass, Sydney (old site)
Critical Mass UK
Central London Critical Mass
Critical Mass faq
Critical Mass in Deutschland
Critical Mass Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland, Fahrradfahren, Pro Fahrrad, Contra Auto
critical mass berlin

International / General

Bicycle Advocacy Groups Around the World
WHO Draft Charter on Transport, Environment and Health
Bicycle Forum - Welcome

The John Forester school

John Forester
John Franklin
Jeremy Parker

Syklistenes Landsforening
Cyber Cyclery
Cycleway; cycle activism GB/IE
A Quick Guide to Bicycle Parking
Bike Culture Quarterly & EnCYCLEopedia
Jørn's Cycling Homepage
Jym Dyer =o= Motion
Cars Suck! -- Home page
Glasgow's Crappy Bike Lanes
SWOV - Cycling News, Information and Events

General transport issues

CSIRO - City design - Media release
Transportøkonomisk Institutt
Traffic planning & engineering resources (LTH)
OECD Transport research
UK DETR traffic advisory leaflets
Carfree Cities
Nollvisionen och det trafiksäkra samhället
ISTEA Reauthorization--TEA-21
Transportation: pedestrians, bicycles, buses, trains . . .
Preservation Institute - Transport and Development
Traffic Wave Experiments
Environmental impact of the GST package
The Effects of the revised GST Package on Air Pollution

Media articles

ABC News - AMA warns against diesel price cut
Nyheter - Innenriks - Offensiv mot trafikkdøden
Nyheter - Utenriks - Svenskene skal tvinges til å kjøre penere
Nyheter - Innenriks - Målsetningen om ingen omkomne i trafikken
Nyheter - Innenriks - Dieseleksos tar livet av 300 hvert år
The Daily Telegraph - Driver facing 10 years jail over cyclist's death
Innenriks: - Bilene ut av Oslo sentrum
Innenriks: Byråd vil innføre 30 km/t i Oslo
Innenriks: Ap.-forslag vil gi eksplosiv trafikkøkning
Nyheter - Innenriks - Advarer foreldre mot å kjøre ungene til skolen
Nyheter - Innenriks - Kjøpesentre gir ikke mer trafikk
Nyheter - Utenriks - Norsk bom for nederlandsk vei-minister
Nyheter - Innenriks - Lavere fartsgrense og lengre vogntog
Nyheter - Innenriks - Foreslår rushtidavgift i de største byene
Nyheter - Innenriks - Påkjørt av syklist - bussjåfør dømt
Nyheter - Innenriks - Norsk trafikk farligst i nord
Nyheter - Innenriks - 210 kan unngå veidøden
Nyheter - Økonomi - Protesterer mot jernbanesatsing
Nyheter - Sport - Sjokk i OL-løypene
Nyheter - Innenriks - Bedre økonomi - større fart
Nyheter - Innenriks - Vegdirektoratet vil senke fartsgrensene
Nyheter - Innenriks - Høyre-politiker skeptisk til lavere fartsgrense
Nyheter - Oslo - Flertall for P-forbud i sentrum
Meninger - Leder - Oaser for mennesker
Nyheter - Innenriks - Vil tredoble fartskontrollene
Nyheter - Innenriks - Færre trafikkdrepte fotgjengere
Nyheter - Innenriks - Planlegger for nullvekst for biler
Nyheter - Innenriks - Pondus koster flesk
Nyheter - Innenriks - Vil ned i 70 fra neste sommer

Politics & Activism

XminY Solidariteitsfonds - XminY Solidarity Fund

Environment info


United Nations Earth Summit+5 Reports
International Council for Local Environment Initiatives
G7 ENRM server
Green Map System
e design Online: Sustainability
Australian EIA Network


Hadley Centre: Hadley Centre for climate prediction and research
Wuppertal Institut
Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary: Global Warming and the Third World
Still Waiting For Greenhouse
SEPP (Fred Singer)
Linkages Coverage of Kyoto
ECO -- The Climate Action Network Online
EDF - Global Warming
ECN Policy Studies: ETSAP Kyoto Statement


Critical Mass Energy Project
HELIO - Global Energy Sustainability Observatory
BP Solar Homepage


Innenriks: Norske vindmøller helt i det blå


WISE, World Information Service on Energy Index Page
The Sustainable Energy and Anti-Uranium Service
X-tausendmal quer
Antinuclear campaign in X-USSR
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
N-BASE Nuclear Information Service
Radioactive Waste Management Associates
Nuclear Power and Reactor Safety
Depleted Uranium: A Post-War Disaster, Index
URG - Campaigning Against Uranium Mining and For a Nuclear Free Future
Stop Jabiluka!
People Against a New Nuclear Reactor
Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft - kärnvapen
Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB


Nyheter - Utenriks - Krass norsk atomprotest mot Sverige
Nyheter - Utenriks - Strålingsskandale avdekket i USA
Nyheter - Innenriks - Økt kreftrisiko for flyvere
Nyheter - Innenriks - EUs atom-milliarder forsvant
Nyheter - Utenriks - Radioaktiv forurensning påvist i Nordsjøen
Nyheter - Utenriks - Russland vil tjene seg rik på verdens atomavfall
Nyheter - Utenriks - Norge bygger atomavfallstog
Nyheter - Utenriks - Russerne må redegjøre for avfallsplan
Nyheter - Utenriks - Norsk støtte til avfallsdeponi
Artikkel - stenging av svenske kjernekraftverk
Nyheter - Utenriks - Svensk a-kraftverk ikke sikkert nok
Nyheter - Svensk minister: Statkraft hindrer kjernekraft-avvikling
Nyheter - Utenriks - Britiske politikere krangler om kritisk atomrapport
Nyheter - Utenriks - Barsebäck kan stenges


Plants for a future
The Plant Tracker
Nyheter - Innenriks - Grønt og økologisk mat anbefales, men er 35 prosent dyrere

GAB / Lake Eyre

Rivers in Central Australia
Australian World Heritage Bibliography
Mound Springs
The Great Artesian Basin
Managing Australia's Inland Waters: Chapter 1
WMC Environment Report - Water
ESA 6.2 - The Roxby Indenture Amendment Act 1996
Australia's desert springs
Beyond the Three Mines - In Situ Uranium Leaching Proposals in South Australia (Research Paper 12 1997-98)
A Radioactive Waste Repository for Australia - Site Selection Study Phase 3

Meninger - Kronikk - Norsk atomavfall - norsk ansvar



Conservation Council of South Australia
Green Pages (Australia)
Environmental links (Paul Woods)
FoE Nouveau -- Adelaide, South Australia
Australian Conservation Foundation
Urban Ecology Australia
Economic Reform Australia Homepage
Mirrar Online
Jabiluka blockade
Jabiluka action groups

UK grassroots

Edinburgh Uni Greensoc
EUSA Partnership for a Better Future
Paul Mobbs' Environmental Activism Index
Cambridge Green Web pages
Scottish Green Party


Peoples' Global Action against "Free" Trade
Scientists for Global Responsibility
Union of Concerned Scientists
Youth and Environment Europe
Environmental Defense Fund
Drillbits & Tailings
Brain Food (Jay Hanson)

Norsk aktivisme

Natur og Ungdom
Kampanjen Mot Verneplikt
KK-forum arkiv
Røde Fane

Other activism

Protest.Net: A calendar of protest, meetings, and conferences.
Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory Top Page
Leftlink - Australia's Broad Left Mailing List
Third World Network
The International anarchist movement
Z Magazine


Official homepages

Council of Europe
Europa Homepage
EUROPARL: Web server of the European Parliament

Treaties and official papers

EU Treaties
Treaty of Rome
Maastricht Treaty - Final Act
Treaty of Amsterdam
The Edinburg Agreement
EU Oplysningens Websted - FORSIDE

Eurosceptic groups

The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance
Europe of Nations
Corporate Europe Observatory
Naar een Ander Europa
Nei til EU
The Referendum Party

European Political Parties
Lousewies van der Laan
Sverige har blivit de stängda grindarnas land -- Sydsvenskan
Nyheter - Innenriks - Politisk EUtilpasning i ekspressfart
Nyheter - Innenriks - Europatilhørigheten er sterkere i Norge enn i EU

Global capitalism

Multinational Monitor On-Line
Fair trade not free trade
Corporate Watch ---
The OECD, Tax Competition and the Future of Tax Reform
Observer | World Bank edits out penalty on the poor
Fritz C. Holte
The White Rose Corporate Welfare Page
Corporate Europe Observatory
GATSwatch Welcome Page
Corporate Law Amendment (proposed)
I . S . P . O . The Simultaneous Policy
Free Trade and Globalization
WTO | World Trade Organization: WTO / GATT

Political info

Multilaterals Project
Treaty of Vienna
Index of constitutions
President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
VCE Australian politics resources
Scottish Politics Pages
Proportional Representation Society of Australia
Democracy Evolves
Mixed Political Links
Middle East peace process
Opschudding - Meer ambitie voor D66
Electric Words (Stewart Fist)
United Kingdom Election Results
British Politics Pages
Foreningen Skaanelands Framtid
Liberalism Resurgent
Wahlen, Wahlrecht und Wahlsysteme
Riksdagen: Grundlagarna

Net stuff

FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
The Internet FAQ Consortium

Search facilities

AltaVista: Australian mirror
AltaVista: Main Page
Nedsite search centre
Netthinnen: Den beste veien til målet
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses


Zippo Dot Com
UseNet Volunteer Votetakers Information Center
Usenet Volunteer Votetakers
news.announce.newgroups archives
S.T.U.M.P. Robomoderator Program ( 6-Mar-1996)
UK Usenet Homepages
Netscum Front Page
Son of RFC 1036, Internet Draft to be
Jai Maharaj

Web authoring

The World Wide Web Consortium
Introduction to HTML
HTML 4.0 Specification
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
W3C HTML Validation Service
Web Accessibility Initiative
ISO 8859-1 Characters List
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
The LATEX2HTML Translator
Readme for analog
Web-Counter Home Page
eXTReMe Tracking
The Web Developer's Virtual Library (
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
NCSA Mosaic Home Page
The Balkans Pages: diacritic signs

Net abuse

Data Fellows HOAX warnings page
Get that spammer!
Fight Spam on the Internet!
SpuTools®: Tools to fight Spammers
a2i ( anti-junk-email features
The Cancelmoose[tm] Home Page
Web Ad Blocking Under Linux/Unix, BeOS, MacOS and Windows

Technical info

Domain Name Services
Australian Network Information Center
Domain name registries around the world
RIPE (whois) Database
List of RFCs (from NTNU)
TCP/IP Applications FAQ



Political theory

Federalism och integration (Malte)
The Capitalist Threat
Meninger - Kommentar - Stemmeplikt for velstandssløve?
Meninger - Kronikk - Etnisitet - menneskets "dypstruktur"
Meninger - Kronikk - Sandpåstrøing eller stortingsregjereri?

Innenriks: Få tradisjonelle lovbrytere i Schengen-registeret
Innenriks: Nordmenn omgår fiskeregler i Antarktis
Innenriks: - Utstrakt miljøkriminalitet i Nordsjøen
Økonomi: Avventende til mulig straffetoll
Alan Sokal Articles on the "Social Text" Affair
Nyheter - Økonomi - Nei til global avtale om investeringer
Nyheter - Utenriks - Grønlendere krever unnskyldning for dansk tvangsflytning av familier
Meninger - Kommentar - Historisk kirkeavtale etter 482 års uenighet Kirkestrid
Nyheter - Innenriks - - Reell likestilling langt unna
Nyheter - Innenriks - Heller død enn peppermø?
Nyheter - Innenriks - Venter ny medisinsk revolusjon
Nyheter - Innenriks - Norge nær Europa-jumbo i dyrevern
Nyheter - Innenriks - Emilie og Markus på topp
Nyheter - Innenriks - Ikke akkurat frittgående

Companies, utilities etc

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) - airline tickets, airfares and travel reservations - Welkom bij KPN


Filosofi, idehistorie, Saltdal v.g. skole
Vincent Ferraro

Friends' pages

Anita Leirfall
Hallvard Trætteberg
Tore Ferner
Helge Redvald Skullerud
C M Lewan
Dominik J Schwarz

Weird links


The BOFH-style Excuse Server
Microsoft and Bill Gates Joke Page

( Gender Test!
The Anagram Genius Server

The Religious Society of Friends
BKS - Rusinformasjon
AMO - Astronomer mot orddeling
Tom Lehrer