Ruadhaí Dervan

I'm a PhD student in the University of Cambridge, where I also did a masters. I was previously an undergraduate of Trinity College, Dublin. I'm a member of its sister college in Cambridge, St. John's.

My first name is pronounced "Rui" - it's Irish, so the "dh" is silent.

I am a complex geometer. I'm interested in the relationship between the existence constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics and certain notions of stability, in the sense of geometric invariant theory. I am also interested in singularity theory, for example, log canonical thresholds of divisors and multiplier ideal sheaves. My supervisor is Julius Ross.

I run Geometry Tea, a series of informal junior geometry talks. I'm also one of the organisers of Happy Hour in the CMS. An email adress for e.g. requests is cmshappyhour(at)

When I was (much) younger I made two films with friends: Caught on Film (SD, HD) and The Diary (SD, HD). The Diary is better.


Some conferences I've been to or am going to:

My CV, where you can find my email address, if you'd like to contact me.