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Welcome To Dublin University Maths Society

Mathsoc dates back to 1923, when it was founded by a group of students including Ernest Walton, Ireland's only Nobel Laureate in Physics.


Upcoming events

The President's Talk: A = B


Welcome one and all to the last Mathsoc talk of the season! This is our President's talk, given by none other than Vladimir Dotsenko, under the auspicious title of "A = B, or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Formulas (But Were Afraid to Ask)". As always, there will be a reception afterwards in our beloved Mathsoc room, with delicious treats and beverages. This promises to be a spectacular talk, so don't miss out!

Lattice Points & Polygons


Here's our final talk before the Presidential Talk next week, given by Dr. Marius Ghergu from UCD. Here's what the talk is all about: "This talk presents an overview of lattice points and polygons through various areas of mathematics. Minkowski's theorem regarding convex and symmetric sets in R^n will be presented as well as its applications in number theory or real life problems."